Imagine Person A of your OTP playing connect the dots with Person B’s freckles 

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Imagine Eridan being bored and looking up the original Little Mermaid folk tale and suddenly being very interested in the surprisingly harsh punishments featured in old-time human mythology, including such gems as rolling somebody down a hill in a barrel full of nails into a river (Three Little Men in the Wood) and making somebody dance in red-hot iron slippers that are way too small for their feet (Snow White).

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*whispers* no idea what this is but omg gorgeous

fisheyeplacebo comic! 
read it. <3 

Illustrator Wenqing Yan’s on Tumblr here.

An excellent demonstration of the process of putting on modern, covert anti-ballistic armor.

Thank you Wenqing Yan (maid-en-china)! Thank you!

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my favorite jake headcanon is that everyone assumed that he was all big and masculine because he’s mister action adventure movie but when they all finally meet he’s this five foot munchkin who weighs 100 pounds soaking wet











Yes I like this.

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This is not life…

Wow wow wow

oh but nigga we ignorant tho



"slavery was hundreds of years ago. get over it" 

shut THE fuck up. 56 years ago black children were zoo attractions.

the same thing is happening in india as of LAST YEAR. Native Jarwawa peoples are tracked down like creatures on a safari and are forced to dance for food. x 

fuck you. fuck yourself. fuck your “reverse racism”.

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So I was talking to my friend about colouring books and she showed me this one.


And then there was this page.


And finally this absolute gem!


How amazing is this book?! I want one.

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  • Question: You really like Tavros, don't you? - Anonymous
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    I really really really really love Tavros.

    He’s just a great character, this little guy with the self esteem issues, stuck in his wheel chair, who loves his fairies and had a well established desire to fly even before Vriska had him leap off a cliff to his almost certain death. To see this guy, who is more or less first in line to be handed the culling card when the time comes to still find reason to smile, to have fun and enjoy his times with the friends around him (you got to appreciate the terrible rapping that he and Gamzee do together yes they are shit awful at it but they have so much fun doing it) is a really good thing to see. He has it pretty bad, the aforementioned inability to walk plus his low blood status means he would have been killed for it even if SGRUB had never happened. To know your death is more or less right around the corner would put anyone on edge, or in constant fear, but there’s Tavros Nitram rolling along with life dealing with what is handed to him.

    Just how he puts up with Vriska’s bull shit I have no idea. Probably because she’s been molding him from the start. Talking down to him, trying to break him to build him back up into something more worth while. But honestly, all of that is her own flaws and insecurities bleeding through her exterior and transformed into her treatment of Tavros who she sees as a lost cause. She can push him around, literally and even mentally, since we’ve seen her use that awful mind control on him on more than one occasion. This is how she had him help her in blinding Terezi, in paralyzing himself, hurt himself, and even try to make him react to her unwanted kiss in a romantic manner. That was Vriska puppeting this little brown blood all because of her own problems.

    But he can be just as much of a little jerk as well. He almost became a literal ‘nice guy’ for a time, which a lot of the fandom seems to forget. Once he got his legs, Tavros became so empowered with his self esteem boost he went to confess his feelings for Jade all but right away… but also kind of told her not moments before that he was responsible for the death of her sole guardian. Yeah sure a simple misunderstanding, how was he to know that the white bark beast wasn’t actually her lusus at all but the man with the big gun? But hey bygones be bygones you wanna be my girlfriend you should say yes because I’m so full of confidence and self esteem right now!

    He can also be a sarcastic little smart ass, tossing out insults and sly jibes to even the likes of Dave, and yes even Vriska. After his untimely death at her hand, and the death again when Gamzee tried to fuse the two together to make a sprite for Jane he still plays around and sometimes even teases Vriska. And not even in a blackrom kind of way. He antagonizes her, sasses her, dumps her maps as far away from her as possible, all while being fully aware of it. 

    But the crowning moment of glory came when Tavros finally had enough of Vriska’s bull shit. After who knows how long of watching her, really looking at what she was doing and how she was doing it, the little troll who she’s been manipulating and pushing around from the start finally found the balls to turn around, double flip her off, and fly off into the sun. Even triggering Sollux, Feferi, and Nepeta to abandon Vriska and her mission as well. In a way he inspired a mini revolution which I’m sure his ancestor The Summoner would be proud of. Baby steps, after all. 

    Tavros is just a great character. I love this snarky little shit to pieces, and maybe a small reason behind it is because I was born as a Taurus. But honestly that is only a small reason because he’s over all a really complex little shit head who needs to be seen at more than just a stuttering cry baby who the fandom seems to write him off as. He isn’t a cry baby; sure, he cried when Vriska died in the game, but how would you react to that sort of shit happening? Assisting your antagonizer to her death, finding yourself incapable of killing her off yourself, and that affect being so strong on yourself that you sleep for the remainder of your game because you just can’t face what happened. That’s an honest to god reaction I think many of us would have; he feels real. He is real.

    Even in a Spartan wet-dream world that Alternia is, where death and murder is a huge part of their society, Tavros is one of the nicest trolls you can find among the motley crew he’s been stashed alongside with.

    I just love the little shit and more people should too.

    Can I also add to my own garbage that the fact he stood up to Vriska despite being full blown terrified of her? He knew the odds were never in his favor, that Vriska was stronger, tougher, as well as already being a God Tier. But still he grabbed his lance and stood up against the troll who had made his life horrible. She was the one who paralyzed him, the one who pushed him around, who took great joy in toying with him, who had sexually assaulted him and yet he realized what had to be done and he faced death head on. That’s why I get so fucking mad when people say he’s a cry baby, a coward, because it’s just not true. 

    Tavros Nitram has always been brave. You just couldn’t see it.

    correct me if i’m wrong, tavros also flarped a lot, which karkat said it was a game for girls. which a lot of them either died, or got hurt a lot during their flarping games. tav’s a badass in general.

    Yes exactly!!

    Troll society is one with strong females. It’s wholly populated by them; it’s all made of strong women who can kick your ass. And if you buy into the theory that  female trolls developed ‘shame globes’ to help protect their vitals because they’re far more violent than their male counterparts, that in itself is pretty freaking awesome. Yet in this group of girls consisting of Terezi, Vriska and Aradia (the only reason Nepeta dos not play with them because Equius refuse to allow her) allows little Tavros into the game. A very violent game. A game that practically grooms the girls who the game is normally played by for their roles in the Empress’ army once they reach age. It’s an actual game where you can get royally fucked up!

    And Tavros got to play. He played and played well. And he survived being jumped off a cliff. That’s pretty mother fucking bad ass.


    this perfect babu shall live on forever

    Look at all these notes you little Tavros fans I love every one.


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help I’m having emotions about a cartoon antidepressant trying to be useful


yes but look at it, it cares about her and just wants to help her be able to function. It’s like “I know you’re sad. here, I’ll help you.”

LIKE OKAY THOUGH can I explain why this is exceedingly brilliant??  Because when anti-depressants work right, that’s what they DO.  They don’t make you happy or emotionless or unhealthy in any way, they make you FUNCTIONAL.  They make it so that a depressed person who can barely get out of bed can start to support themselves again and more importantly, start to THINK for themselves again without the permeating presence of depression.

Depression is a cyclical disease, that tells you to think a certain way, and, because you’re depressed, you generally believe it, and then things get worse and worse.  The ONLY thing anti-depressants do is to STOP that cycle in its tracks!!  Which is something to be ecstatic about and celebrated, even if you don’t realize it at the time, because when you’re depressed, getting out of bed is climbing Mount Everest.  Antidepressants help stop that cycle so that one day soon, getting out of bed can JUST be getting out of bed.  They don’t even expedite the recovery process in most cases, they just make recovery POSSIBLE IN THE FIRST PLACE.  So this little guy is portrayed with a fuckton more accuracy than I ever expected from a commercial.

It’s back and adorable

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